Center for Brain and Behavior Informatics

The Center for Brain and Behavior Informatics (CBBI) has been established in the University at Buffalo to foster multidisciplinary translational research at the frontiers of biomedical informatics and clinical, cognitive, social and behavioral neuroscience. The Center is located in the New York State Center of Excellence in Bioinformatics and Life Sciences.

The rise of translational medicine creates new challenges for biomedical researchers in regard to the acquisition and use of data. Tremendous advances have been made with regard to data integration and knowledge discovery at the -omics level, but analogous powerful informatics techniques now need to be extended to clinical data, and this means that ways need to be found to integrate advanced informatics expertise at the point where the data is generated in the practice of clinical research and to ensure that this data is accumulating in a form which allows for re-use. These needs are being addressed in the University at Buffalo in the Center for Brain and Behavior Informatics (CBBI) within a framework which will promote innovative information- intensive collaborations in the three overlapping areas of biomedical ontology research, neurology and neurological diseases of the autoimmune system, and cognitive, social and behavioral functioning.

Center personnel will pursue methodological research in biomedical informatics and engage in clinical research collaborations with faculty in UB’s Academic Health Center. They will contribute to training in biomedical informatics and to promoting broader adoption of biomedical informatics tools and resources throughout the UB medical, behavioral, and health science community.

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